2/23/12: Clarification about the new procedure for interpretation of outside exams: The flowchart that has been posted refers to cross-sectional studies that do not have accompanying final reports on ED transfer patients. Studies affected are from the current episode of care (does not apply to historical exams). With respect to plain films, key studies from the current episode of care that do not have accompanying final reports shouold be dictated as well. We leave it to the discretion of the resident as to the identification of "key studies", but typically it would include the first and last of a series of related exams (say, sequential chest x-rays, or an unsuccessfully reduced dislocation). An exam that is not likely to be repeated after transfer to HMC would also qualify as "key". This procedure applies 24/7 and goes into effect on February 27, 2012.

10/6/11: Criteria for ED US after-hours coverage has been clarified to reflect that any ED US ordered before 10pm will be performed in a timely manner, even if the exam will not actually be started or completed by 10pm. Studies ordered after 10pm will need to meet the criteria specified (which have not changed).10/4: Early morning neuro staff coverage: Weekdays between the hours of 7AM and when the neuro faculty arrive at HMC, ED requests for faculty neuroradiology reviews are to go to the UW neuro fellow. - Dr. Gross

9/8: New outside read macros in Commissure.

9/8: New on this page: links to Emergency Medicine resident and faculty photo pages.

8/23: Patients being transferred for imaging purposes from VA will be imaged at UW. They will no longer come to HMC for imaging. To come to HMC, they need to be admitted to a clinical team. - jag via jdr

8/18: Please use Macro Communication for routine communications and reserve Macro Critical Result for unexpected positive findings per departmental policy. - jdr