Kyle E. Yasuda, MD

Clinical Professor

PO Box 359774
325 Ninth Ave
Seattle, WA 98104-2499
Phone: (206) 744-9511
Fax: (206) 744-9862
Seattle Children's Profile

Leadership Roles

American Academy of Pediatrics, District VIII Vice-Chairperson
Washington State Title XIX (Medicaid) Advisory Committee, Executive Committee, member
Washington State Vaccine Advisory Committee
Medical Director, The Pediatric Clinics at Harborview Ambulatory Care Advisory Council, Harborview Medical Center

Clinical, Research and/or Teaching Responsibilities

Outpatient attending, The Pediatric Clinics at Harborview
Inpatient attending, Pediatric Service at Harborview

Research: Social marketing and vaccine hesitant parents

a. Medical Students
UWSoM College Faculty: mentor to 26 students.
-Member of the Physical exam workgroup for the Colleges
-Member of the Career Counseling workgroup for the Colleges

Teach and supervised third year medical students during their outpatient pediatric clerkship experience at HMC.

Faculty liaison to the UWSOM Pediatric Interest Groupó
Pediatric Career Advisor
Faculty mentor to medical student involved in the Underserved Pathway

b. Pediatric Residents
Burn/Trauma rotation at Harborview
Continuity Clinic residents
Community Pediatrics and Advocacy Pathway


Division Chief

Mangione-Smith, Rita M., MD, MPH


Baker, Barbara J., MN, ARNP, IBCLC
Bell, Shaquita L., MD
Bennett-Kaufman, Molly, ARNP
Bergman, Abraham, MD
Bledsoe, Julia M., MD
Burton Cahn, Monique, MD
Caldwell, Christine, MD
Capron, Molly , MD, MPH
Christakis, Dimitri A., MD, MPH
Danielson, Benjamin S., MD
Davies, Julian K., MD
Denno, Donna M., MD, MPH
Ebel, Beth E., MD, MSc, MPH
Feldman, Kenneth W., MD
Gillenwater, Kari, MD, MPH
Grant, Abigail, MD
Grow, H. Mollie Greves, MD, MPH
Henne, Heather M., MD
Hofstetter, Annika M., MD, PhD, MPH
Jenny, Carole, MD, MBA
Johnston, Brian D., MD, MPH
Karr, Catherine J., MD, PhD, MS
Kertesz, Cynthia T., MD, FAAP
Kohl, Julie, MD
Lewis, Charlotte W., MD, MPH
Lion, K. Casey, MD, MPH
Liu, Lenna L., MD, MPH
McCarty, Carolyn A., PhD
McPhillips, Heather A., MD, MPH
Melzer, Sanford M., MD, MBA
Mendoza, Jason A, MD, MPH
Morelli, Sheryl A., MD, MS
Moreno, Megan A, MD, MS Ed, MPH
Opel, Douglas J., MD, MPH
Pak-Gorstein, Suzinne, MD, MPH, PhD
Park, Kathleen J, MD, MPH
Pew, Cathy, MD
Quitiquit, Celeste , MD
Richardson, Laura P., MD, MPH
Rivara, Frederick P., MD, MPH
Saelens, Brian E., PhD
Sathyanarayana, Sheela, MD, MPH
Stein, Mark A, Ph.D. ABPP
Stout, James W., MD, MPH
Tandon, Pooja S., MD
Taylor, James A., MD
Vavilala, Monica S., MD
Wiester, Rebecca T., MD
Wolf, Elizabeth R.
Wright, Davene R., PhD
Wright, Jeffrey A., MD, FAAP
Yasuda, Kyle E., MD
Zhou, Chuan, PhD


Bryan, Mersine, MD
Dawson-Hahn, Elizabeth E, MD
Malik, Faisal S, MD, MS
Waite, Whitney M, MD, MPH

Administrative Staff

Hamilton, Maria
Koshi, Yvonne N.
Musar, Cyndi
Sargent, Sue
Schedler, Noreen, MEd
Shuey, Suzanne