Laura P. Richardson

Laura P. Richardson, MD, MPH

Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Seattle Children's Hospital
Center for Child Health Behavior and Development
2001 8th Ave, Suite 400, Seattle, WA 98121
PO Box 5371, M/S CW 8-6, Seattle, WA 98145
UW MAIL Box 359300 CW8-6
Phone: (206) 884-8245
Seattle Children's Profile

Leadership Roles

Director, Adolescent Medicine Fellowship

Clinical, Research and/or Teaching Responsibilities

Dr. Laura Richardson's research focuses on better understanding interactions between mental and physical health in adolescents, and on improving detection and management of child and adolescent depression in primary care settings. Prior research projects include assessing the longitudinal association between depression and obesity in adolescence, and evaluating racial and ethnic differences in depression diagnosis and treatment for Medicaid-covered youth. Dr. Richardson's most recent work involves evaluating quality of follow-up care for depressed youth and designing health system interventions to improve the delivery of evidence-based care and health outcomes for depressed adolescents in primary care settings.