Suzinne Pak-Gorstein, MD, MPH, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of Washington; Attending Physician, Harborview Medical Center

325 Ninth Avenue - Box 359774
Seattle, WA 98104
Seattle Children's Profile

Leadership Roles

Co-Director - Global Health Pathways, Seattle Children's Residency Program

Clinical, Research and/or Teaching Responsibilities

Dr. Pak-Gorstein's clinical role at the University of Washington includes precepting at the Harborview Pediatric Clinic which serves children of refugee and other low-income families. She also attends on the in-patient burn/trauma pediatric consult service at Harborview Medical Center. As co-director of the Global Health Pathways program Dr. Pak-Gorstein works to design and implement an innovative curriculum in conjunction with the Community Pediatrics and Advocacy Pathway, and mentor residents during their 2-month experiential elective in rural western Kenya. In addition, she works closely with the UW Department of Global Health in coordinating and strengthening global health education for residents from all UW programs. On the national front Dr. Pak-Gorstein plays an active role with the American Academy of Pediatrics' Section on International Child Health and the Academic Pediatrics Association's Special Interest Group in International Health to establish learning objectives in global health residency education, as well as ethical and sustainable frameworks to develop international partnerships. Dr. Pak-Gorstein's past training and work experience is in international nutrition through which she has carried out large-scale prevalence surveys, worked with longitudinal surveillance systems, overseen child survival projects, and helped to establish health information systems in a variety of countries including Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, and India.


Division Chief

Mangione-Smith, Rita M., MD, MPH


Baker, Barbara J., MN, ARNP, IBCLC
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Pak-Gorstein, Suzinne, MD, MPH, PhD
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Administrative Staff

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