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Hepatitis C Protocol for Needle Stick Injury in Health Care Workers

  1. Check source patient for HCV antibody. If positive for HCV antibody then get HCV RNA PCR.

For Health Care Worker stuck with PCR(+) patient:
  1. Check HCW for HCV antibody (if positive they've been exposed somewhere else).
  2. HCV antibody, HCV RNA and aminotransferases measured at 6 weeks, 3 and 6 months.
  3. If HCV RNA positive, repeat 1 week later, followed by monthly if still positive x 6 months.

For Health Care Worker stuck by Antibody(+)/PCR(-) patient:
  1. Check HCV antibody at 3 and six months in HCW.

If PCR not obtained on source patient:
  1. HCW should be followed as though needle stick was a high risk.

UWMC April 6, 2000


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