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Are you a prospective student or applicant interested in the UW Honors Program? Set up a meeting with an Honors Representative to chat about the Program and have all your questions answered! Simply fill out our prospective student appointment form (well in advance of your visit, please, it can take us up to a week to arrange a visit) and we will respond as quickly as we can to arrange an appointment. Please note that we may be unable to accommodate requests made less than one week in advance. The Honors office is open and available for appointments Monday-Thursday, 9am to 5pm.

Please note that drop-in advising hours are intended for current students only. Our front desk staff are happy to provide general information about our Program, but if you have more specific questions, please set up an individual appointment.

Drop-In Advising

During Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters the Honors Program advisers hold drop-in advising hours for current UW Honors students. Feel free to come by during this time to ask questions or talk to an adviser about your plans! If these times do not work in your schedule, you can always make an appointment by contacting an adviser directly.

Spring 2015 Advising Hours

Advising is by appointment only March 16 - 27. Our spring office hours will begin March 30.

1:30-3:00 pm with Brook
10:00-11:30 am with Aley
10:00-11:30 am with Brook
1:30-3:00 pm with Laura
No drop-in advising

For an appointment, please contact an adviser to arrange a time that works best in both of your schedules. If you are not looking to meet with one adviser in particular, we recommend you copy all three advisers on one email with at least three different dates and times you are available to meet; whoever is available at the times you requested will reply to setup the appointment. Please keep in mind that the Honors office is open 9am-5pm, Monday-Thursday.

Brook Kelly
bbkelly@uw.edu / 206-221-6131
Laura Harrington
laurah13@uw.edu / 206-221-0774
Aley Mills-Willis
aleym@uw.edu / 206-221-6074

Get together with fellow students, advisers, and experts from around campus for more information about topics relevant to you in our Group Advising series! Designed to provide vital information relevant to many Honors students, these sessions focus on topics that we see many students expressing interest or curiosity about! In the past, we’ve held group advising sessions on:

Interested in one of the above topics, but couldn’t make the Group Advising session? No problem! Click on one of the links above to see a document summarizing useful and important information that came out of each session. Interested in a topic not listed above? Not to worry, we’ve got a number of Group Advising Sessions in the works. Stay tuned to this website and to your email for upcoming sessions.

As an Interdisciplinary Honors student, you are required to meet with an adviser twice during your time at UW; once during your first year, and again the quarter before you intend to graduate. Mandatory advising is designed to help us better understand the goals and intentions of our students and to help you have a successful undergraduate experience and feel more at home in the Honors community, but we can’t get to know you unless you come see us!

Outside of those mandatory advising times, we STRONGLY encourage you to come in and talk with us any and all times that you have questions, concerns, or just to tell us that something great has happened (we all like good news)! We certainly hope you will make more than two advising appointments in your time in Honors.

First-Year Advising

It is required that all first year students in the Honors Program (freshmen, late admits, or transfer students) have an advising meeting some time during their first year. This is a chance for you to sit down with an adviser, discuss your goals for the upcoming quarters, and ask any questions that you may have about UW or Honors (or life in general!). It also helps make sure that you are aware of important resources on campus and are comfortable using Honors advising.

Please feel free to visit us at any time, but you do need to check in at least once before the end of Spring Quarter of your first year in the Honors Program.

Pre-Graduation Advising

It is required that all students nearing graduation who plan to complete an Interdisciplinary or College Honors degree have an Honors advising session during the quarter before they graduate. The session ensures that you have or are planning to successfully complete the Honors core requirements and allows us to hear about your upcoming plans.

To satisfy your mandatory advising session, you can either drop in during our set drop-in advising hours, or make an appointment for another time with an adviser by e-mailing them directly.

Honors advisers w/Dubs at the Honors 50th Anniversary
The Honors advisers with Dubs, the UW mascot

Brook Kelly

Brook has been advising in the Honors Program since 2005 and graduated from the UW in 2004 with a bachelor's degree in Political Science with College Honors and History. Brook was a 2003 Bonderman Fellow, and traveled throughout east Africa on her fellowship. She directs the Bonderman Travel Fellowship for the Honors Program, in addition to directing study abroad programs in Sierra Leone and other parts of Africa for Honors and the African Studies Program.

Brook enjoys working with amazing students doing incredible things and helping them connect their studies to the rest of the world through service and experiential opportunities. In addition to her work at the UW, she is a birth doula and spends a lot of time thinking about maternal health issues all over the world. She spends her time traveling, tramping the high country, gardening, canning, cooking, reading, and hanging out with her family and friends.

Laura Harrington

Laura has been advising in Honors since 2009, when she graduated from the UW with a degree in Women Studies and Comparative History of Ideas. As an adviser, Laura especially enjoys meeting with students and helping them make the UW their home. She also works on course planning and registration.

When not advising students, Laura enjoys exploring Seattle and the Northwest; rock climbing and hiking; taking advantage of the immense UW Library system; and planning travels around the world.

Aley Mills Willis

Aley has been advising students in the UW Honors Program since Autumn, 2002. She completed her undergraduate studies at UW with an Honors degree in English Literature, and her graduate studies at UW with a Masters in Education with an emphasis in Higher Education Policy Studies. She has focused much of her studies on how college students incorporate experiential learning opportunities into their curriculum. Before working in higher education, Aley worked in book publishing in NYC and Seattle and holds a particular interest in literature of the environment.

Aley has found advising students in the Honors Program to be a wonderful way to help motivated college students create an individualized path of study and reach their goals at the UW. When not working with students, or thinking about higher education, Aley spends as much time as possible with her family at home or in the mountains around the Seattle area. She has a passion for exploring and has spent much time traveling the world - mostly in search of more mountains. She is thrilled to help students imagine how to extend their education beyond the classroom both locally and abroad.

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