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With UW Honors, you are never alone.

The UW Honors community is a moving, multi-disciplinary feast of faculty, students, administrators, alumni, donors, staff, and off-campus partners, all of whom are passionate about empowering students to make the most of their undergraduate education.

UW Honors is where future doctors and diplomats discuss anthropology and architecture while peering at Orca whales through a telescope. It's where law professors and biology professors try out innovative curriculum and challenging teaching platforms. It's where all the resources of a top public university converges with the benefits of a small, liberal arts program.

Honors is one place where the University of Washington embraces its promise to make new connections that might one day actually change the world. 

Students who enter our Interdisciplinary program have access to leading-edge experiences and a close-knit group of peers, forming a cohort where you are guaranteed to be boundless, to question the answer, and make friends for life. 

“Being in Honors classes I learned there were a whole lot of people who were a whole lot smarter than me—and that was okay. It meant I could worry less about being the best and focus more on doing my best.”
- Marcie Stone (‘69)


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Honors Alumni

Our alumni is a melting pot of lifelong learners from every industry, spanning more than 50 years of post-graduate experiences. Many of them are civic and cultural leaders, recognized innovators, and creative wonders. And still, they give back to their communities as volunteers, donors, policy-makers, and game-changers. A brave student once asked a panel of Honors alumni: "How do you make time for sleep?"

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Honors Students

"I love the Honors program because it keeps pushing me to become more of a risk-taker while deepening my thought process. It doesn't matter if I'm approaching something as a student, a leader, or a servant to my community: I am a more inspired and courageous world citizen because this program demands full critical engagement.

- Dashni Amin ('15)


Honors Faculty

"This was my first time teaching in the Honors Program, and it was one of the best learning experiences I've ever participated in. The students were bright, open-minded, and hungry to learn. Together, we were dauntless in deepening our understanding of the law and in cultivating skills to make a difference in the world. I expect great things from each and every one of my students."

- Theo Mhyre, 2015 Honors Excellence in Teaching Award Recipient, School of Law faculty

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