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Year at UW: Third

About me: I'm a junior majoring in microbiology and minoring in CHID. I am currently doing research at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Seattle is not only a great place for school and research, but also for outdoor activities, great concerts, good food and drink, and adventures! Ask me about classes, research, clubs, volunteering, studying abroad, taking the metro, cheap eats on the Ave, dealing with crazy roommates, or anything else you might have questions about!

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General area(s) of study: Natural Sciences, Pre-Health

Current or intended majors: Microbiology

Current or intended minors: Comparitive History of Ideas

Housing Experience

  • Honors Housing
  • Off-Campus Housing


Study Abroad: I studied abroad in Germany and Spain through the Honors program during the summer or 2013.

Research: I am an undergraduate researcher at Fred Hutchinson Cancer a Research Center.

Volunteering/Service: I am a volunteer with an organization called ETCH-education transforming community health.

Clubs/RSOs: I am a member of the Rotaract club.

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