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Year at UW: Fourth

Hometown: Monroe, WA

Gender: female

About me: Hi there! I am a senior here at UW and currently neck deep in my major courses for Environmental Health and Microbiology. There is always a lot of confusion about the distinctions between Environmental Science and Environmental Health so I'm just going to clear that up right off the bat. My major studies the impacts of environmental factors on human health and involves courses in environmental health policy, environmental sampling and analysis, microbiology, epidemiology, toxicology and risk assessment. It is amazing and the entire department is fantastic. I can say that because I also work for the department in a nanotoxicology lab at the Roosevelt UW Medical Center and fell in love with my job as soon as I started over three years ago. Since I took the medical microbiology series here, I plan on staying to complete a Master's in Laboratory Medicine. Outside of academics, I love hiking, cooking, watching movies, singing, and playing practical jokes. I also adore spiders and insects because they are amazing little creatures with unfairly bad PR so I am the resident bug-situation-handler among my friends.

Contact preferences

Email: cchishol@uw.edu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/claire.chisholm.54


General area(s) of study: Natural Sciences

Current or intended majors: Environmental Health and Microbiology

I'd be willing to talk about/tutor the following courses/subjects: Biology, Microbiology, Environmental Health (311, 405, 440, 441, 446, 451)

Housing Experience

  • Off-Campus Housing
  • Other Student Housing


Research: Cadmium and silver nanotoxicity, diesel exhaust impacts on health, carbon nanotube toxicity, diabetes, glutathione (an antioxidant) metabolism and oxidative stress.

Volunteering/Service: Volunteer Chore Services caretaker for the elderly, Microphiles microbiology teacher for small children

Leadership: TA for MICROM 301/302

Departmental Honors: Environmental Health honors

Clubs/RSOs: Microphiles UW Microbiology club...we make poop jokes a lot

Internships: Applied for more than I'd like to think about, ended up with CDC funded internship working with shellfish bacteriology and biotoxins

Campus Jobs: Networking, lab jobs, Department of Environmental Health, Public Health