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Year at UW: Fourth

About me: Hi! I am Yidan Zhu. I am currently a senior student in the Honors Program, Economics Department and my another major is (hopefully) Applied Math. I am an international student so I would like to help anyone who have difficulties in adjusting to American life. I had participated in a year-long study abroad program in London and a summer program in Munich. I can share with you my own experience during study abroad and hopefully I can help you fully enjoy your study abroad experience. I am also doing a empirical study in education and labor market. I will be more than happy to answer any question about economics/math coursework, dorm life, study abroad, internship with F1 visa and any other things you think I will be able to answer!

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General area(s) of study: Social Sciences

Current or intended majors: Economics

Current or intended minors: ACMS

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Study Abroad: London School of Economics, Munich

Research: labor market analysis

Campus Jobs: housing and food services

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