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Year at UW: First

About me: Hi! I'm a freshman planning to major in a STEM field; I'm feeling out computer science and public health, among other options. Outside of class, I like to perform guitar, find pickup games of basketball & tennis, and meet new people. My time here has been amazing so far; I serve as the director for my dorm's hall council, work at SBRI, and am currently pursuing my passion for education as a computer science TA. Definitely not things I expected to do right away at UW, but am extremely grateful for. Feel free to contact me about anything!

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General area(s) of study: Natural Sciences, Engineering

Current or intended majors: Computer Science, Mathematics, or perhaps ACMS

Current or intended minors: Public Health

Housing Experience

  • Other Student Housing


Research: Finding opportunities, getting in touch with mentors

Leadership: Lander Student Council

Clubs/RSOs: Amateur Musician's Association

Internships: Finding opportunities, getting in touch with mentors

Campus Jobs: Teaching

Scholarships: Applying, resources, etc

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