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Year at UW: Fourth

Hometown: Everett

Gender: male

About me: Hi! My name is Sibani, and I'm a senior pursuing a B.S. in Biochemistry with College Honors. While I deeply enjoy learning the sciences, I am a big believer of action and making a change in the community in particular, health care, which is why my future goals are focused on pursuing an MD/MHA degree. I also work with people of South Asian cultures and ethnicities to educate communities and foster these unique cultural values and perspectives in the States. Also, I love to dance and right now I study and perform Indian Classical Dance. Through UW and Honors, I have been able to do biomedical research, volunteer with schools and under-resourced populations, become a TA, and learn about intriguing and insightful topics apart from the sciences. I would love to share my experiences, obstacles, and journey being here in UW and the Honors program and help make your college years the very best!

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General area(s) of study: Pre-Health, Natural Sciences

Current or intended majors: Biochemistry

Current or intended minors: (none)

Housing Experience

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Study Abroad: Indian Institute of Education and Care, Orissa, India

Research: Stuart Lab, Seattle Biomed

Volunteering/Service: Pipeline Project, Swedish Medical Center, Hindu Temple and Cultural Center, International District Health Services,

Leadership: Orissa Society of Americas Northwest Youth President

Internships: SBRI Undergraduate Summer Intern

Scholarships: Dillman Scholarship from Honors

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