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Year at UW: Second

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About me: Hello! My name is Mackenzie Kyle Kilmer, but I have always gone by my middle name: "Kyle". I am a quiet and conscientious individual who loves running, reading, board games, and nature. Originally from Arlington, WA, I am a sophomore at UW this year. Until early this Autumn I intended to double major in Biology and Spanish, but I've decided settling with a Spanish minor will allow me more freedom to be involved in the other things I care about. I am not yet declared, but intend to do so Winter 2014. It recently occurred to me that midwifery may also be something I'm interested in pursuing, so I'm currently in the process of assessing possible options with respect to that. Additionally, this Autumn I started undergraduate research in a lab on campus whose projects, I've discovered, correlate serendipitously with both my current classes and fields of interest. I've returned this year to live in the Honors housing community in Haggett, in part because of the supportive, caring community I found there as a freshman and which I wanted to help recreate for incoming students. Being a part of the Honors community has enriched my experience here at UW and I'm so appreciative of the people, experiences, and opportunities I've encountered as a result. I enjoy reaching out to others and building community, and being a peer mentor seems a promising opportunity to do so. I look forward to hearing from you and offering answers, advice, or a listening ear, depending on what you seek.

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General area(s) of study: Natural Sciences

Current or intended majors: Biology

Current or intended minors: Spanish

Housing Experience

  • Honors Housing


Research: Pharmacology Lab in Magnuson Health Sciences Building

Volunteering/Service: Woodland Park Zoo; Rick's Cafe Volunteer

Leadership: Dawg Daze Leader; Dawg's (Move-In) Crew

Clubs/RSOs: Husky Running Club (Officer)

Scholarships: UW NASA Space Grant Scholarship

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