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Year at UW: Fourth

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About me: Hey there, my name is Rosie and I am a senior in the Honors program. I am a premedical student about halfway through the science requirements for the MCATs, and I am also an international studies major. I discovered my passion for human rights through an Honors class I took the second quarter of my freshman year, and decided it should be my area of study through the Jackson School! I am involved in student government on campus through my work as the Director of the Student Health Consortium. I was also a peer educator last year, and absolutely loved the experience. All in all, I love mentoring and answering questions for people looking for a discussion about how to be a successful Honors student, leader, and human here at UW and beyond. Joining the Honors community was the best decision I have ever made and definitely helped shape my time at this university for the better - I would not have discovered my social circle, my major, or my interest in student leadership without this incredible program.

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In Person: Office Hours in HUB ASUW+ Suite


General area(s) of study: Social Sciences, Pre-Health

Current or intended majors: International Studies, human rights track

Current or intended minors: Global Health

Housing Experience

  • Honors Housing
  • Off-Campus Housing


Research: Two-time Mary Gates Scholar for humanities and international studies research with global health focus

Volunteering/Service: Volunteering for Children's Hospital

Leadership: Participant in UW Leaders program, 2011-2012; Honors Peer Educator

Clubs/RSOs: Huskies United in Giving to Seattle Children's Hospital three-time officer

Campus Jobs: Assistant Director of UW Leaders through ASUW, Student Health Consortium Director, campus tour guide

Scholarships: Mary Gates Research Scholarship

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