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Year at UW: Second

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About me: Hi! I'm a Political Science major from Missoula, Montana. I love politics, and spent 13 weeks of last summer in an internship in the US Senate in Washington DC, loving policy more and more every day! I hope to have several other political internships in Seattle and Washington, D.C. in the rest of my college career. I'm a campus tour guide, so I love talking to people and getting to know people. During my freshman year, I was very involved in several programs and committees within the UW student government, the ASUW. Outside ASUW, I have tutored at Dunlap Elementary School through the Pipeline Project, I'm Vice Chair of the U-Pass Advisory Board, and I was an Honors 100 Peer Educator in Fall 2013! In my free time, I obsessively read Politico, the Economist, and the New York Times, occasionally read education and foreign policy journals/studies for fun, drink copious amounts of coffee, ride horses, run (I'm training for a triathlon and a half marathon!) and soak up every bit of sun in Seattle!

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By Phone: 406-531-7241



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General area(s) of study: Social Sciences

Current or intended majors: Political Science, Looking at Economics

Current or intended minors: (none)

Housing Experience

  • Off-Campus Housing


Research: Sociology Research on the Third Avenue Initiative in Downtown Seattle

Volunteering/Service: Pipeline Project

Leadership: I was involved in the student government on campus, the ASUW, during my freshman year, and I'll be an Honors Peer Educator for fall 2013!

Clubs/RSOs: I'm involved in the Young Democrats here on campus, and also have helped with starting an RSO! It's easy, and I can help you with that!

Internships: US Senate internship in Washington DC, and Washington Bus internship in Seattle + there will be many more in my next 3 years!

Campus Jobs: I'm a campus tour guide!

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