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Year at UW: Fourth

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About me: Hi, my name is Kaija Reinelt. I believe in applying the scientific process to everyday life. I think that each new day presents new opportunities to be INSPIRED by and to QUESTION our individual experiences, to make HYPOTHESES about what they mean in the context of life's big picture, to EXPERIMENT and test out these ideas, to REFLECT on the actual results, and to COMMUNICATE what one thinks one has learned, all in order to start the process again. I believe in jumping out of my comfort zone and into the fear of the unknown. I have found that the "trauma" and "failure" that inevitably occurs when one subjects oneself to new experiences is the best way to learn about who you are and who society assumes you are and expects you to be. I believe that with every new experience comes a new perspective, and no matter what the experience, there is a way to make this perspective a positive one. I believe in the importance of learning to love your whole self, imperfections included. Only then are we able to transcend our individual experiences and work towards creating a world in which it's easier to love.

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General area(s) of study: Natural Sciences

Current or intended majors: Biology (General)

Current or intended minors: History of Science

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  • Off-Campus Housing
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Research: Research Assistant in Paul E.M. Phillips Lab

Volunteering/Service: Volunteer Science Interpreter at Pacific Science Center, Volunteer Math Tutor at Katharine's Place,

Leadership: Trichotillomania Learning Center Outreach Volunteer, Mentor for high school students studying the neurobiology of durg use and addiction

Internships: Howard Hughes Integrative Research Internship

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