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Year at UW: Third

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About me: Hello new Huskies! Welcome to the Honors Program! Let me just begin by saying that you definitely made the right decision by writing those extra essays in your application. The Honors Program has SIGNIFICANTLY improved my experience at the UW. All of the best classes I've taken have been through the Honors Program, no doubt about it. Anyway, I'm a junior studying journalism. I write for the UW Daily, and have also copy edited and been the features editor. Through The Daily and UW journalism classes, I have made connections that have allowed me to intern at The Seattle Times, GeekWire and UW Advancement Communications, where I currently work. If you are interested in journalism or love to write, I strongly encourage you to apply to write for The Daily. I have learned more in The Daily's newsroom than I have in any classroom because it's a hands-on, real-world experience. My favorite honors classes have been taught by Frances McCue, a fantastic English teacher in the Honors Program. I HIGHLY recommend taking a class from her. I have also enjoyed Honors Photography and Marine Oil Spills. This past summer, I took an honors class from Claudia Jensen in which we went to the Monroe Correctional Complex every week and had class with inmates. This was an incredible experience. The class focused on higher education in prison. If this class is offered again, sign up! My hobbies include singing and playing guitar, traveling, blogging, and keeping track of my dreams.

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General area(s) of study: Humanities

Current or intended majors: Journalism

Current or intended minors: Still trying to figure this out. I'm considering political science or international relations.

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Clubs/RSOs: After I finished the prison class this past summer, our classmates started an RSO called HOPE, which advocates for higher education in prison.

Greek Life: I was in a residence hall my freshmen year, and it just wasn't for me. I joined a sorority my sophomore year and am enjoying college much more now.

Internships: I have interned for The Seattle Times, GeekWire and UW Advancement Communications.

Campus Jobs: I currently work for UW Advancement Communications as an editorial intern. I write and edit stories about donors and scholarship recipients.

Scholarships: I received a full quarter's worth of tuition from the department of communication for my accomplishments in journalism, as well as a copy editing scholarship, which I was nominated for by Karen Rathe.

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