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Year at UW: Second

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About me: Hi, I'm Nikita. I'm a bioengineering major and math minor in my second year. I'm a major planner and good at getting things done so I figured I might be able to offer some helpful advice. I'm really into anime, Pokemon, and hilariously bad movies, so I can connect you to all the cool nerd stuff on campus. I came here with a lot of AP so if you're wondering how it all translates I'm good with that too. I'm also currently involved with research on campus. In general I tend to know at least something about pretty much everything. So drop me a line if you need anything.

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By Phone: 3608522255



General area(s) of study: Engineering

Current or intended majors: Bioengineering

Current or intended minors: Math

Housing Experience

  • Off-Campus Housing


Research: finding research, contacting professors, things to know going in

Clubs/RSOs: Society of Pokemon Masters, Bad Movie Club, Costume Club, Graphic Novel Society, Anime Discovery Project, Humans vs Zombies Tag, etc

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