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We offer Honors accelerated science and math sequences on the following schedule:

  Autumn quarters Winter quarters Spring quarters
Honors General Chemistry CHEM 145
Placement info
CHEM 155 CHEM 165
Honors Organic Chemistry* CHEM 335 CHEM 336 (Honors lab, CHEM 346, also available) CHEM 337 (Honors lab, CHEM 347, also available)
Honors Physical Chemistry CHEM 475 - -
Honors Accelerated Calculus MATH 134 MATH 135 MATH 136
Honors Accelerated Advanced Calculus MATH 334 MATH 335 MATH 336
Honors Physics PHYS 121 PHYS 122 PHYS 123
Honors Computer Science
(see below)
CSE 142, CSE 143 CSE 142, CSE 143 CSE 142, CSE 143

*Honors Organic Chemistry labs (CHEM 346 & 347) do not fulfill additional Interdisciplinary Honors Core requirements. Students may be required to take O Chem labs for other requirements (ie, major requirements or pre-medical requirements) but those courses do not count towards the 47 credits needed to complete the Interdisciplinary Honors requirements.

Students may not "jump into" Honors Accelerated Math or Science sequences: you must begin the sequences in Autumn quarter in order to be eligible for Winter or Spring quarters. Please contact the specific department for information on prerequisites and to obtain add codes.

HONORS CSE: Students who wish to complete these Honors CSE options will enroll in the regular CSE course (142 or 143) and an additional 1 credit of CSE 390. The combination of 5 credits of CSE 142/143 and 1 credit of CSE 390 will fulfill 5 credits of Honors Science core. Students may take both CSE 142 and 143 as Honors, provided they concurrently enroll in CSE 390 for both courses. Your instructor will provide instructions on how to register for CSE 390 during the first week of the quarter. These courses are acceptable for the College of Engineering Honors Science core.

Any interested Honors students will be guaranteed a spot in CSE 390. Students MUST register for CSE 142 and CSE 390 (or CSE 143 and CSE 390) concurrently; no exceptions.

The Electives Handbook

Looking for a good elective? Following our own belief that Honors students are often the very best resource for other Honors students, the Honors Program staff has collected recommendations of Honors students' favorite non-honors courses. Check out this handbook with course recommendations and comments from other Honors students regarding what they loved about the course and who else might be interested in such a topic. You might also check out UAA Advising's list of recommended courses.

Have you taken an amazing non-honors course lately that you would recommend to other Honors students? Email Laura at laurah13@uw.edu and let her know. She'll add it to the handbook.

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