Exchange Student Profiles

Exchange Student Profiles

Ida Lintel, Utrecht Exchange Student

My name is Ida Lintel (20), I am currently enrolled as a sophomore at University College Utrecht (UCU) in the Netherlands. However, for the past two quarters I have studied at UW as an exchange student. I study Law & Psychology, and I hope to continue in International Law after I finish my bachelor's program. Hopefully I can do a master in England.

Now that the end of the Spring quarter is approaching and I am almost going back home, I can look back on a wonderful time in Seattle. Before I came to Seattle I had never lived in a foreign country. Not only have I never been away from my family for such a long time, I had also never travelled outside Europe. Therefore, this exchange was particularly exciting to me. At high school I attended bilingual education, which means that more than half of the subjects were taught in English. At UCU the main language is English too, and many international students go to that university. In this 'international climate', studying abroad is very much encouraged. I always liked interacting with people from all over the world and my exchange to Seattle made it possible for me to also experience another culture. Through the FIUTS organization at UW I quickly came in contact with other international students, this made the transition to a new environment a lot easier for me. Also, due to the homestay project of FIUTS I spent the first two weeks of my stay in Seattle at an American host family. They showed me their customs and told me all about Seattle and the university. Even when I moved to on-campus housing I stayed in touch with this family, and next week I will go back to them to spend my last week of vacation at their place. They really make me feel at home! I am really happy that I decided to go to Seattle because Seattle has everything; a nice downtown, beautiful parks and waters. Two of my hobbies are sailing and biking, and Seattle is perfect for that.

I really would recommend participating in an exchange or study abroad program to everyone. It's a once in a life time experience (if you are lucky more than once;))!