Honors in Zimbabwe

Health Intervention Research

This is an opportunity to engage in an Honors Research in Zimbabwe with research professors Drs. Danuta Kasprzyk and Dan Montano, Battelle Seattle Research Center. Additional faculty support will be provided by Dr. Godfrey Woelk, University of Zimbabwe Medical School, Department of Community Medicine.

The second year of the program will provide 4-5 students with the opportunity to study in Zimbabwe as part of an international five-country AIDS Collaborative Trial, using the Community Popular Opinion Leader (CPOL) model as an intervention strategy. Project needs in Zimbabwe include, but are not limited to: Ethnography (interviewing families and individuals); parallel data collection; transcription and typing of interviews, and coding qualitative data entry for quantitative data on possible multiple concurrent studies associated with HIV/AIDS and other STDS. There are also opportunities to engage in women's health research and medical anthropology research.

Students are required to take a preparatory course during Spring Quarter 07 and a 5-day orientation session, held in Seattle, at the University of Washington, during summer quarter. Details about the Spring Course are:

H A&S 253A Honors Western Civilization III: "HIV/AIDS: Issues and Challenges"

Time/Room: T TH 2:30-4:20, 5 credits

Instructors: Drs. Danuta Kasprzyk and Dan Montano, Senior Research Scientists, Battelle

In addition to the five credits, spring quarter, students will receive 15 credits of Honors Civilization during Autumn Quarter 07.

Application deadline: June 8, 2007

The online application is now closed. Note: open to juniors and seniors only. However it is possible to add--sophomores--by permission from course instructor.

Please contact the Honors Department for questions regarding the application process or Zimbabwe Program Director, Dr. Danka Kasprzyk, kasprzyk@battelle.org, with questions about the research opportunities available through the project.