Supervising an Experiential Learning Project

Roles and Responsibilities

Thank you for considering being a supervisor for an Honors student's Experiential Learning Project. Our commitment to experiential learning is not possible without your commitment to our students. We greatly appreciate your time and energy, and recognize the effort you will contribute to this project and to the student.

For more information about Experiential Learning in Honors, visit our Experiential Learning page.

  • Provide a good learning and working environment for the student
  • Communicate regularly with the student
  • Work directly with the student and make explicit arrangements concerning expectations and goals for the project
  • Complete a final evaluation of the student upon completion of the project, including review of the student's portfolio reflection

Students cannot complete their Experiential Learning Projects without the supervisor's final evaluation. Students will not graduate with Interdisciplinary Honors without completion of the Experiential Learning requirement.

  • Take the initiative on the overall project, including communicating with you, especially regarding any changes or difficulties
  • Manage the application and approval process with the Honors Program
  • Complete the agreed-upon project in the agreed time-frame
  • Respect the values and expectations of all collaborators
  • Submit a portfolio entry about the project, including the original application, an artifact from the experience and a reflective annotation

Students are not required to complete additional work outside of their established commitment to their organization or position in order to receive Honors Experiential Learning credit.

Please don't hesitate to contact the Honors Program if you have any questions or concerns, and thank you again for your commitment to student success!

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