GPA Requirements

Policies and Procedures

A 3.3 cumulative GPA is required to remain active in the Honors Program and also to graduate with an Interdisciplinary, Departmental or College Honors degree. Some Departmental Honors programs have even higher GPA requirements for Departmental Honors students, but all students must maintain a 3.3 cumulative. It is very important to be aware of this policy as you pursue your Honors degree at UW.

Incoming Freshmen

If your cumulative grade point average falls below a 3.3 in your first quarter at the UW, we will send you a reminder about the Honors GPA requirement. You will be encouraged to visit an Honors adviser to discuss your future academic plans and goals. If it remains below a 3.3 after your second quarter, you will be put on probation by the Honors Program. At this point you will be required to meet with an Honors adviser to discuss probation. If, at the end of your third quarter, your GPA is still below a 3.3, we will transfer you out of the Interdisciplinary Honors program.

Second-Year Students (and beyond)

If your cumulative GPA falls below a 3.3 after any one quarter at UW, you will be put on probation for the following quarter by the Honors Program. We will send you an e-mail reminder about our GPA requirement and you will be required to meet with an Honors adviser to discuss your future academic plans and goals. If at the end of that probation quarter, your cumulative GPA has not risen above a 3.3, you will be transferred out of the Interdisciplinary Honors program.

Probation Extension Petition

The University of Washington Honors Program’s probation extension petition allows students experiencing extenuating and unusual circumstances beyond their control to apply to extend Honors probation for one additional quarter. This policy is designed to allow students additional time to raise their cumulative GPA above the minimum requirement (3.3) while retaining active student status within Interdisciplinary Honors.

Students who are transferred out of the Interdisciplinary Honors Program have the option to rejoin the Program once their GPA is above the minimum requirement and they demonstrate a plan to complete the Honors requirements. Thus the Probation Extension Petition should only be used by students who are seeking an exception to the standard transfer out policy.

The following guidelines apply to the probation extension petition:

  • Probation will be extended no more than one academic quarter per approved petition.
  • Students may be approved to extend probation no more than two times (for one quarter each) during their tenure as an Honors student. The two petitions may be submitted for consecutive quarters, but approval of one quarter’s petition does not guarantee future approval and no exceptions to the two petition rule will be made.
  • If a petition is approved, the student will have until the end of a second probationary quarter to raise his/her GPA above a cumulative 3.3. If s/he does not meet this timeline, s/he will be transferred out of Interdisciplinary Honors at that time (unless s/he submits a second probation extension petition and this second petition has been approved).
  • If a petition is denied, the student will be transferred out of Interdisciplinary Honors at that time. At the time of transfer out, students will immediately lose eligibility for Honors scholarships, including any scholarships they may currently be receiving. Honors scholarships cannot be reinstated.

Please note that this petition is separate and distinct from the UW Hardship Withdrawal policy. A hardship withdrawal decision has no bearing on this petition, just as this petition has no bearing on a hardship withdrawal petition.

There's Help!

We ALWAYS encourage you to come in and talk to an adviser if you are concerned about your GPA or if you are having trouble in a class. We can help point you to many different resources both within Honors as well as on the larger UW campus that can help with time management, study skills, tutoring services, and more.

Students may be reinstated in the Honors Program if they have been transferred out and their GPA rises above a 3.3 for two consecutive quarters. In this situation, they are required to meet with an adviser and submit a course plan showing how they intend to fulfill all of their Honors Core requirements before graduation.

Students pursing a Departmental Honors degree must have a 3.3 minimum cumulative GPA. Individual departments may specify higher GPAs in order to satisfy their particular requirements. Please check with your departmental advisers to determine your exact Departmental Honors requirements.