for students who entered before Autumn 2010

Students who entered Honors before Autumn 2010 will be able to complete the old curriculum and earn one of two existing degree options: Departmental Honors or College Honors.  The requirements are listed below.  These students may opt to take the new curriculum, but will need to complete HONORS 100, HONORS 496, two experiential learning projects, and the Honors portfolio project.

Students entering Autumn 2010 or after or those who entered earlier and who choose to complete the new curriculum, please see our new Interdisciplinary Honors requirements page for details on your Honors degree requirements.

Students who wish to graduate "with College Honors" must complete:

  1. The Honors Core (as defined by their college)
  2. Departmental Honors Requirements (as defined by their major)

Specific Departmental Honors requirements vary depending on the department; students should speak with their departmental advisers to obtain current Departmental Honors guidelines. To graduate with College Honors, students need a minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA, and each department may have additional GPA requirements.

Honors Core Requirement Sheets

School/College Honors Core Reqs
College of Arts & Sciences View PDF
College of Built Environments (Architecture) View PDF
College of Engineering View PDF
Business School View PDF
College of Ocean and Fishery Sciences View PDF
School of Nursing View PDF
College of Forest Resources
(Environmental Sci. and Resource Mgmt.)
View PDF
College of Forest Resources
(Paper Science and Engineering)
View PDF
Information School View PDF

GPA Requirements

Students must maintain a 3.3 cumulative GPA to remain active in the Honors Program and to graduate with a College Honors degree. It is very important for students to keep this policy in mind as they pursue their Honors degrees at UW.

Read the Honors GPA policies and procedures »

Students completing only Departmental Honors must satisfy the University's General Education Requirements in addition to specific Departmental Honors requirements to graduate "with Distinction."

Typically, students apply for departmental admission in their junior year of college, although some majors have earlier entrance options. For admission into a Departmental Honors Program, please speak with a departmental adviser. Students who complete their departmental requirements without completing the Honors Core will graduate "With Distinction" rather than "with College Honors".

Visit these links to see the Departmental Honors options. If you do not see the department in which you are interested, take heart--not all majors have an Honors webpage. You just need to visit that department in person.