Health Sciences Administration
Department Main Phone Web Directory
Academic Services and Facilities 206-543-6114 Yes Yes
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute 206-543-0937 Yes Yes
Center on Human Development and Disability 206-543-7701 Yes Yes
Environmental Health and Safety 206-543-7262 Yes Yes
Hall Health Center 206-616-2495 Yes Yes
News, Community Relations and Marketing 206-543-3620 Yes Yes
Office of Animal Welfare 206-543-9678 Yes Yes
Risk Management 206-598-6303 Yes Yes
School of Dentistry 206-543-5840 Yes Yes
School of Medicine 206-744-3000 Yes Yes
School of Nursing 206-543-8736 Yes Yes
School of Pharmacy 206-543-2030 Yes Yes
School of Public Health 206-543-1144 Yes Yes
School of Social Work 206-543-5640 Yes Yes
Washington National Primate Research Center 206-543-0440 Yes Yes