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David M. Anderson, DVM
Executive Director

IPE Subcommittees

Downloadable Subcommittee Roster

Curriculum Model & Metrics Charge: developing, approving, implementing, and evaluating faculty and student-generated IPE innovations across the Health Sciences through shared IPE curricular models
Sarah Shannon, ChairNursing
Wendy MouradianDentistry
Tania BardynHealth Sciences Libraries
Karen McDonoughMedicine
Marjorie WenrichMedicine
Brenda ZierlerNursing, IPE Scholar
Jennifer DanielsonPharmacy
Sara MackenziePublic Health
Susan KempSocial Work
Governance Model Charge: develop an effective governance structure supporting IPE Initiative using a shared, equitable model
David Anderson, ChairHealth Sciences Administration
Jean GarberDentistry
Dave GreenMedicine
Ellen CosgroveMedicine
Brenda ZierlerNursing, IPE Scholar
Christene JamesPharmacy
Susan AllanPublic Health
Sarah CavePublic Health
Vicki Anderson-EllisSocial Work
Paula NuriusSocial Work
Facilities Charge: to provide the foundation and specifics for needed facilities to first pilot IPE concepts, then fully implement IPE
Bob Ennes, ChairHealth Sciences Administration
Randy JacksonDentistry
Jill MorelliMedicine
Christene JamesPharmacy
Sarah CavePublic Health
Vicki Anderson-EllisSocial Work
Communications Charge: sustained effort to inform and engage a broad range of stakeholders– students, faculty, staff, campus, community partners and the served public – throughout the Interprofessional Education Initiative’s implementation
Vicki Anderson-Ellis, ChairSocial Work
Carol BrownDentistry
Steve SteinbergDentistry
Tina MankowskiMedicine
Brenda ZierlerNursing, IPE Scholar
Ashley WigginNursing
Sarah GuthriePharmacy
Christene JamesPharmacy
Clarence SpignerPublic Health
Catherine ShenPublic Health
Bruce BetzSocial Work
Tracy BrazgStudent - IPE RA