Health Sciences Administration

April 5, 2013

Kelly Johnson, HSA Human Resources Consultant Profile

Kelly Johnson, Human Resources Consultant (HRC), joined the University of Washington in late December, 2012. A California native with a degree in Liberal Arts from Concordia University, Kelly brings a diverse and well-developed Human Resources skillset to the UW. As the designated HRC for all Health Sciences Administration (HSA) reporting departments and research centers, Kelly offered these insights into her first few months at the UW and in her new HRC role.

What was the career path that led you to the UW?
“Growing up in Southern California, I wanted to work in the movie industry. I spent 9 years at Paramount Studios, working in various areas in the HR discipline. I was even assigned to work on a movie set, although most of you have likely not seen that particular movie. My foray into academic HR led me to the University of California at Irvine, where I specialized in benefits work. My most recent role was as the HR Manager in the manufacturing facility of Herbalife, a global nutrition company.”

Why did you choose HR?
“During my time at Paramount, I was so fortunate to work with leaders and mentors who were very supportive, willing to share their knowledge, and provided me with incredible opportunities as a team member. I learned that you could have very difficult conversations in the HR realm that could lead to positive outcomes for all involved. That was a valuable lesson that I have incorporated throughout my career.”

What attracted you to the UW and Seattle?
“The Pacific Northwest location and the opportunity to work in the UW environment. The HRC position, specifically the consultant aspect of the role, seemed a good fit with my background, skills and interests.”

One quarter in to your new position, what is your impression of the UW?

How would you summarize your approach to your HRC position?
“Accessible, reliable and absolutely approachable”

What is the one thing you want HS employees to understand about your HRC role?
“That I am here for everyone. HR is not about ‘us versus them’; it’s a partnership.”

What has surprised you about Seattle?
I didn’t really know how pretty this area is. Every day, I say to my husband, “Why would anyone want to live anywhere else?”

Feel free to contact Kelly Johnson at Campus HR Operations:
206 685-4721
UW Tower, C-1 Box 359532