Health Sciences Administration

February 7, 2013

PBS Films at WaNPRC

PBS host, Neil Shubin, holds an infant macaque after learning proper handling procedure. The toys in the foreground were used in object permanence testing.

Over the recent holiday weekend, the Washington National Primate Research Center hosted a PBS/BBC-based TV production company and evolutionary biologist, Dr. Neil Shubin. The two and a half days of filming were the culmination of months of organization and preparation designed to highlight the outstanding research of Drs. Tom Burbacher, Kim Grant, Jay Nietz and Maureen Neitz. Although we won’t see the resulting documentary for some time, we received laudatory feedback from the author, producer and film crew. Thanks to the researchers, research technicians and animal care staff who worked with Center Programs staff and UW Medicine Strategic Marketing & Communications personnel to accommodate the filming while maintaining normal operations.