Health Sciences Administration

April 12, 2013

UW Achieves Excellence in Animal Care and Use

The University of Washington is committed to the highest standards of animal care and research in support of its mission to promote world class education, research, and public service. Outstanding animal care and research are complex activities requiring highly-trained staff, specialized facilities, and effective, integrated administrative oversight to ensure consistent standards of operation. In late March 2013, the UW was granted continued full accreditation status by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALAC).

AAALAC full accreditation demonstrates the University’s commitment to responsible, ethical and humane animal care and use. Continued full accreditation to 2015 also recognizes that our program not only meets the standards required by law but that we have taken the additional steps to achieve excellence in animal care and use. Dr. David Anderson, Health Sciences Executive Director and IACUC Institutional Official, recognized the many individuals who are responsible for this achievement across Health Sciences and in partnership with the University central administration. Anderson stated, “This is a significant milestone for the University, indicating operations at the highest standards of animal care and research. While it can appear that AAALAC accreditation is an every-three-years event, in reality it is a daily commitment spanning all animal care and research activities.”