Health Sciences Administration

Health Sciences Administration shares a commitment to building organizational capacity, aligning roles and responsibilities, and providing efficient and effective service across our departments and research centers. Our approach to accomplishing this commitment is to develop and implement strategic best practices, target initiatives that better serve our personnel and units, develop sustainable budget models and create bridges to other UW entities.

In late 2012, and executive review of HSA Units identified key areas to address: facilities, hiring best practices, payroll support, regulatory site visit support, development of new IT infrastructure, campus health services, support for internal unit initiatives, and development of relevant data and metrics.

Leave Time Reporting
As the first deliverable under the Health Sciences Administration Shared Services initiative, all HSA work units will transition to a new, online Leave Time Reporting (LTR) system. The new LTR system is completely paperless for typical payroll functions and will accommodate both classified and professional staff. Academic Service and Facilities, the Office of Animal Welfare, the Washington National Primate Research Center, and EH&S are already using the new system. Hall Health will transition to the LTR system mid-January and CHDD will begin February 1st. All HS units will be fully functional in LTR by mid-February 2013.

Best Practices
HSA is working with each of the HS Unit directors and staff on implementation of best practices and expected outcomes in:

  • Hiring
  • Performance Management
  • Supervisor Training

This site now has password access to templates and forms to further support the HSA unit directors and personnel in these areas. Click here to access the HSA SharePoint.