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The Integrated Service Center (ISC) has developed a Workday Go-Live FAQ page on the ISC web site that contains answers to the top questions that we received during the first two days after go-live.  Please share these FAQs with your unit as appropriate.

Workday and Holidays:
Holidays work much differently in Workday than they did in LTR. All workers automatically accrue “Holiday Time Off” for each holiday that is in proportion to their FTE. In the typical situation in which an employee works 8 hours a day M-F we just left the holiday empty in LTR. In Workday, workers need to request 8 hours of holiday time off for the holiday. If the holiday falls on a day that a Worker doesn’t work the holiday hours would accrue and could be used later.

Cris Cruz will continue to provide payroll support to all HSA units.