Leadership Staff

Connie Celum, MD, MPH

Director, International Clinical Research Center
Professor of Global Health
Professor of Medicine
Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology

Research Interests:

Dr. Celum's research currently focuses on HIV prevention, microbicide, and vaccine trials with the objective to find effective strategies to reduce HIV acquisition and transmission. She utilizes epidemiologic data on behavioral and biologic risk factors for HIV acquisition and transmission to identify potential intervention strategies and then to conduct randomized clinical trials to determine safety and efficacy of these interventions with biologic outcome measurements.

Her current focus is on HIV prevention trials, including genital herpes suppression for prevention of HIV acquisition, transmission and pre-exposure antiretroviral prophylaxis.

Dr. Celum is PI of a multi-center efficacy trial of HSV-2 suppression to reduce HIV infectiousness and HIV disease progression among HIV-discordant couples in Africa, and PI of a multi-center efficacy trial of pre-exposure antiretroviral prophylaxis among HIV discordant couples in Kenya and Uganda.

Selected Publications:

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