Apply to UW LEAH

What are the Core UW LEAH Disciplines?
The UW LEAH includes, but is not limited to, faculty and trainees in the following core disciplines:

Who Are UW LEAH Trainees?

Long Term Trainees

UW LEAH trainees are graduate students and mid-career health care professionals who seek to become leaders in public health service for adolescents and their families. Areas of UW LEAH leadership focus include: teaching, research, clinical practice, administration, and policy making. Each year, we recruit and assemble a cohort of top candidates in each of the five core LEAH disciplines (medicine, nursing, nutrition, social work, and psychology) to share training experiences and learn in a multidisciplinary environment.

Embracing the richness that can be gained by a diverse training environment is a key focus of the UW LEAH. We believe that diversity within our faculty and trainees enhances the training experience for everyone.  The UW LEAH does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, or veteran status.  Note: Due to the federal funding source of this training grant, applicants must be United States Citizens in order to be eligible for a Long-Term Traineeship and/or stipend.


Short Term Trainees

The UW LEAH program offers opportunities for shorter term training. Short-term (8-39 hours) and medium-term (40-299 hours) training is available to UW students and mid-career health care professionals practicing in the community. For further information about these training opportunities contact UW LEAH faculty in your professional discipline or UW LEAH Program Coordinator, Alisyn Franetich.

LEAH Long-Term Trainee Requirements

UW LEAH long-term trainees complete 300+ hours of advanced clinical and interdisciplinary leadership training. Typically, the training is completed over the course of three academic quarters beginning in September of the academic year. UW LEAH training experiences include:  didactic seminars, mentored clinical experiences, research, and mentored experiences in advocacy and public policy.  The training experience is individually tailored to the interests of the trainee.

All UW LEAH trainees must complete a set of requirements which includes didactic, advanced clinical, and interdisciplinary leadership training.  UW LEAH trainees complete their training onsite at Seattle Children's hospital and within near-by community-based programs.

Dr. Cora Breuner, Dr. David Breland, & Dr. Yolanda EvansTo apply, all prospective trainees must:

  • Have achieved the academic degree and training which constitutes basic professional level training for his/her field (e.g. bachelor’s degree in nursing, medical degree for physicians). In addition to completing their basic degree, trainees should be one of the following:  Be currently enrolled in an advanced graduate program
  • Be completing a post-doctoral fellowship
  • Be pursuing advanced certification or fellowship in their discipline
  • Be a mid-career community professional who is interested in additional leadership training

How to Become a UW LEAH Long-Term Trainee

  1. Contact the UW LEAH Program Coordinator, Alisyn Franetich (
  2. Following this, contact the designated faculty for your specific discipline (the Program Coordinator can assist you with identifying the appropriate faculty person).
  3. Complete and submit an application.

UW LEAH faculty screen all applications and conduct interviews with potential trainees to assess their personal reasons for participating in the program and their potential for success both during the program and as a leader following program completion.

Application Deadlines 2015-2016

Psychology: Not recruiting in 2015-2016

Nursing:  May 15, 2015

Nutrition:  June 15, 2015

Social Work: March 15, 2015

Adolescent Medicine:  Follows national ACGME, NRMP, ERAS deadlines