Track Your Progress

UW LEAH MCHB Basic & Advanced Competencies

Each quarter, you will fill out the MCHB Basic Competencies and Advanced Competencies self-assessments in tandem with your Individualized Training Plan (ITP). Your progress on mastering these competencies should be discussed with and monitored by your faculty mentor.  Please follow the instructions for filling out the MCH Competencies forms.

Individualized Training Plan

The Individualized Training Plan (ITP) is your personal map for tracking progress toward meeting the UW LEAH training requirements. By completing the ITP you will:

  • Assure that you meet the UW LEAH training competencies.
  • Successfully develop quarterly personal learning objectives with the help of your mentor
  • Online ITP version via UW LEAH ePortfolio (UW Net ID required)

Top of the Space Needle Tips for using the ITP

  • With the guidance of your faculty mentor, prepare personal learning objectives by the start of each academic quarter. Create rough timelines for each item on your plan.
  • Meet with your UW LEAH faculty mentor at least once during each academic quarter and review your success accomplishing your personal learning objectives and establish new and/or revised learning objectives.

Mark off completed ITP activities in your UW LEAH ITP.