Members List

2013-2014 Members

  • Professor Margaret Levi, Political Science, Chair (until April 2014)
  • Ms. Rachel Shervin, United Students Against Sweatshops
  • Dr. Norman Arkans, Assoc. Vice President, Media Relations and Communications
  • Dr. Debra Glassman, Business School
  • Mr. James Whitefish (as of Feb 2014), Facilities Services
  • Mr. James Ritter (until Feb 2014), Facilities Services
  • Mrs. Louise Litttle, CEO, University Book Store
  • Mr. Scott David, Executive Director, Law, Technology & Arts Group
  • Ms. Shannon Kelly, Assoc Athletic Director
  • Professor Mary Kay Gugerty, Evans School of Public Affairs (Chair as of April 2014)
  • Professor Daniel Jacoby, UW Bothell
  • Ms. Ella Torti, GPSS
  • Ms. Lena Easton-Calabria, ASUW