UW Departments & Programs

UW Trademarks and Licensing regulates the use of University marks on all products and in association with entities outside of the University of Washington. This includes uses coordinated by university departments and programs. Internal use of trademarks is regulated by UW Marketing in accordance with the University’s Brand Guidelines.

See: UW Brand

UW Trademark and Licensing office is your contact for approval on: 

  • All Products:  All uses of University trademarks on products require prior approval from the UW Trademarks and Licensing office, even if the proposed uses do not involve the sale of a product; i.e. promotional items for conferences or meetings, items for fundraisers, gifts, etc.
  • Promotional Uses:  Any use of the mark in association with outside entities (see Promotional Use Policy).
  • Other: All other uses, except those listed below.

 UW Marketing is your contact for approval for:

  • Use of trademarks in the ordinary course of conducting University business when it requires changes to the design or approved colors of University trademarks, or does not  adhere to the University brand guidelines. No need for approval if using trademarks in compliance with University brand guidelines on stationery, business cards, reports, official publications, posters, banners and similar materials, and materials used in academic courses.
  • Any questions regarding use of UW trademarks for these internal purposes should be directed to UW Marketing.

Products bearing UW Trademarks or a specific department logo must be purchased from a licensed manufacturer. Using an officially licensed company ensures that correct product liability insurances and a signed agreement to the UW Code of Conduct are on file. The University has a number of licensees that specialize in working with University programs and departments. Licensee information can be found on our campus licensee list (PDF).

To ensure consistency in the use of UW trademarks, all product designs must be approved by the UW Trademark and Licensing office before production. In most cases, the manufacturer can submit the design for approval on behalf of the organization/department. However, if there are questions concerning the design, the organization’s representative may contact the office directly.

UW departments, groups and registered student organizations MAY NOT ASSIGN trademark usage rights,or otherwise grant permission, to any other internal or external entity for any purpose without prior review and approval by the UWTLO.