Royalty Waiver

Products, including those products sold to a University-owned entity, are generally subject to royalty fees if a UW trademark is utilized and the product is for resale or the name of a third party is used in conjunction or in association with the trademark. This includes sales to individual customers, sales for fund-raising projects, items carrying a commercial message or sponsor, items used as promotional marketing tools for an event and items given at conferences/workshops/clinics that are part of the registration fee. These guidelines are usually sufficient to determine royalty/non-royalty bearing use. However, each request is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The current standard royalty rate is 12%. The inclusion of a corporate name or "sponsor" will require payment of royalties. 

The only items exempt from royalties are those items produced for use as staff uniforms or giveaways used to promote University programs or events. Items must be purchased with department funds.  To request exemption from royalties, organizations must complete and submit a Royalty Waiver Form prior to production of the item.