Permissions for Logo Use


Kathy Hoggan  /  /  206.543.0775


  • Campus t-shirt or specialty product

  • Promotion or on a product as a sponsor of an event

  • Products supplied to the campus gratis

  • Products supplied to the campus that also include the name/logo of the provider

  • Commercial webpage

  • For handmade products to be put on Etsy, auctioning on Ebay, or for selling at bazaars

  • Promo materials for an outside program or event being held at the UW (images and/or logo)

  • Wrap a commercial vehicle or plane

  • By a Registered Student Organization (RSO)

  • Personal webpage, Facebook or signage

  • Purchase branded edible for an event


  • Refer to the UW in any manner for a testimonial or case study

  • Use the fight song in a radio or television commercial

  • Create a custom graduation announcement

  • Decorate a cake or make an one-off personal t-shirt/apparel

  • Produce UW uniforms, apparel for staff, giveaways

  • Use any protected UW property (logo, song, image) by a donor

  • Use any protected UW property in any promotion or partnership (co-branding) by a for-profit partner


Alanya Cannon  /  /  206.616.5535


  • Creating materials for research, presentations - use by student, faculty or staff for academic purposes

  • Business Cards or any business stationery by student, faculty, staff

  • Business Cards or any business stationery by student, faculty, staff

  • Promotion or partnership with the UW (co-branding) by a non-profit partne

  • Postcard, brochure, marketing collateral to promote a campus program

  • Directional, building and location signs on campus


  • Alter the UW logo in and identity system for a campus unit

  • Create any new logo(s)

  • Use UW Seal for certificates, diploma covers, etc.

  • Use UW anniversary marks

  • Film a movie, commercial, take photos on campus by external agencies

  • Use images of the University of Washington

  • UW websites