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Preparing to take the GRE Test? Check out these helpful links that will get you on your way to a great score!

Practice tests, flashcards, and other good GRE resources:

  • Khan Academy resources

  • ETS

  • MajorTests.com

  • Magoosh List of 5 Best Free GRE Resources

  • Which test do I need to take?

    To determine which test you should take, you'll need to start looking at the requirements for each graduate program you're interested in. Most programs will require the General Test, and some programs in specific disciplines will also require a Subject Test. If you are applying to PhD/MD, PhD/JD or other joint programs, you may only need to take the professional degree's exam (e.g. MCAT, LSAT). It is very important to be prepared early on, so you don't miss a test you need for a specific program or take a test that you never actually needed.


    Subject tests are given in the following areas:

    • Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Literature in English
    • Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Psycology

    Even if you are applying to these specific disciplines, not all programs require the Subject Test, so be sure to review each program's requirements to determine which test(s) you should take.


    Cost of the GRE Test

    As of 2014, the General Test is $195, and Subject Tests are $150. If you will be taking a Subject Test, let your McNair GSAs know right away to get a Fee Reduction Waiver. This will reduce your fee for the Subject Test by 50% ($75).


    Fee waivers for a 50% reduction ($92.50) are also available for the General Test, but they are based on financial need. The process for requesting a Fee Reduction Waiver for the General Test is:


    • You need to apply for the waiver through the UW Financial Aid office in Schmitz Hall.
      •  To qualify, you need to
        1.   Be eligible for financial aid and have submitted a FAFSA
        2.   Be “dependent” with a parental expected contribution of up to $1,500 OR
        3.   Be “self-supporting” with an expected contribution of up to $1,900 (OSFA will make this determination, you don’t need to know it off the top of your head, but you can also find this info in your Notice of Financial Aid).
    •  If you qualify, they will issue you a certificate, which you must then send to ETS BEFORE you register for the test. The certificate will give you the instructions for where to send it and with what additional paperwork.
    • You CANNOT use the online registration if you are using a fee reduction certificate. You must register using the instructions you’ll receive with your certificate.

    Other Questions?

    Be sure to talk with your GSAs early on to get your questions answered. You should plan to take your GRE by October of your Senior year. This will enable you to have your scores by the time graduate applications are due. If you decide that you want to retake the test, you have to wait 30 days, so taking it any later than October could push you past your application deadlines.


    Good luck!




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    The University of Washington McNair Scholars Program is a TRIO Program funded by the United States Department of Education, and the University of Washington, and the UW Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity(OMAD).