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Examples of Research Proposals

Elizabeth Merten - Rethinking the Path of Online Education and the Quality of Student Learning: Educational Modules Focused on Topics in Materials Science & Engineering

Anthony Dias - Gender Rights and Unionization in the Mexican Maquiladora Sector

Martha Zepeda - Tyrosine Phosphorylation of p120 catenin (p120ctn) and Its Effects on p120ctn-RhoA Binding in vivo

Research Proposal Instructions and Guidelines

Deadline: Friday, November 7, 2014

We are welcoming all McNair scholars to submit research proposals by Nov 7, 2014. For 2014-2015, we estimate that competition research awards will be about $2,800. Funding for your research will be contingent on the quality of your research proposals and available funds. For graduating seniors, conducting research is required as stated in your participation agreement regardless of your funding decision by the McNair Staff. Sophomores and juniors are also welcome to submit research proposals and compete for funding. McNair Scholars already being funded by a 2014-2015 Presidential Scholarship need not apply.

To have a successful research proposal, you must provide us with information on the faculty mentor you will work with, what you will focus on and how you will conduct your research. In addition, you must address the relevance of your research. In other words, you have to pinpoint where your research fits in your field and what your research will bring to your field. The following points should be included in your research proposal:

• Who is your research mentor? Include departmental affiliation and contact information.

• What is your research question/claim/problem statement? • How are you going to answer your question? Include method(s) & theoretical framework.

• What is your hypothesis? What are the anticipated results?

• What previous research is related to your project? (Include a bibliography of your literature reviews.)

• Why is this research important/significant in your field? What is the “broader impact”? What are you planning to do once you find the answers to your question? Note: This answers for us the "so what?" question.

• What are some of the salient/distinctive feature(s) of the research that makes it yours and yours alone? Does it confirm, complement, or challenge previous findings? Or are you the true pioneer in research where you are going where no one has gone before?

Working with Human Subjects
If you will be working with human subjects in any way, your descriptions of methods should reflect this clearly. Please include a description of the expected demographic and the specific ways that human subjects will be involved (e.g. interviews, surveys, tests, focus groups, etc…) Please be aware that if your research includes human subjects in any way, you will need to initiate the Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval process soon. We will assist you with this process, and you should review a video overview of the process here.

Conduct and Other Expectations
Research is not work but rather is an experience. We hope that through this experience you will learn to convey your ideas succinctly, communicate with your mentor(s) and GSA effectively and fulfill your responsibilities diligently. In turn, the GSAs will give you feedback on your research proposals. Faculty mentors must verify that McNair research funded scholars are making “satisfactory academic progress” in their research project via e-mail to uwmcnair@uw.edu at the beginning of every quarter, and it is your responsibility to follow-up with your faculty mentor.

Requirements: ALL students conducting research under the McNair flag and funding must produce two things:

1) Poster or Oral Presentation for the May 15, 2015 EIP/McNair Conference in Mary Gates Hall. More details are available here.
2) Journal-quality research paper due on May 29, 2015

Please e-mail your research proposals no later than 5pm on Friday, November 7th to all of the following people:

Dr. Todd Sperry: tsperry@uw.edu
Wei Zuo and Natalie Schmidt: uwmcnair@uw.edu