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Clarita Reyes

Psychology / Education, Communities and Organizations


Clarita was born and raised in the small town of Toppenish, Washington. She is currently a senior at the University of Washington, majoring in Psychology & Education, Communities and Organizations. Clarita is interested in researching teacher preparation, culturally responsive classroom management, and emotional and cognitive learning processes. Clarita developed an independent research project titled, Building Teacher-Student Relationships in Culturally Diverse Classrooms; A Perspective from Teacher Candidates. In this research project, she examined the structure and content of the University of Washington (UW) Elementary Teacher Education Program (ELTEP) to better understand how teacher candidates take up strategies from their coursework to build teacher-student relationships in their field placement. Through interviews with teacher candidates, faculty, and observations of teacher candidates, commons themes around building relationships and race and culture are found embedded in this 1-year program. Due to the social justice lens of the program, teacher candidates feel confident to address issues of race and inequity in the classroom and have a strong focus and understanding on how to build relationships with students, parents, and communities. Clarita is currently working as an undergraduate student research assistant with Yelena Patish of the College of Education at the University of Washington on Yelena’s research, Culturally Responsive Classroom Management.

Currently, Clarita is a part of the Education, Community, and Organization (ECO) Student Leadership Council Member and holds the position as one of the leads of the personal development department. In this role, Clarita provides resources to ECO students that will support their transition into the workforce. In the academic year of 2018-2019, Clarita will also be one of the Husky Leadership Certificate course assistants where she will help guide students in the process of obtaining the Husky Leadership Certificate. In the future, Clarita will obtain a Ph.D. in education and gain experience working in public school setting to help establish and maintain classroom with resources that can help student emotional and cognitive learning. Then, she plans on becoming a university professor in the College of Education and will work her way to university provost. Clarita wants to create better learning spaces that are culturally responsive at the university level and increase the university attendance and successful graduation of students of color. In her spare time, Clarita enjoys dancing, going to the gym, touring new places, and trying new activities, food, and learning new skills.