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Daven Cocroft

Physics / Astronomy / Psychology


Daven Cocroft is a senior at the University of Washington studying Physics, Astronomy, and Psychology.  He has interests in social cognitive psychology, biopsychology, and even stronger interests in black holes, cosmology, high energy astrophysics.  Currently, he is doing research with the Astronomy Department’s N-Body Group looking at how magnetic fields and cosmic rays affect the interstellar medium and galaxy evolution.  In the past, he has done research looking into the co-evolution of supermassive black holes and their host galaxies, as well as star formation in low metallicity environments.  In the future, Daven hopes to pursue more research into black hole physics and cosmology in graduate school at someplace warm.

Daven’s commitment to higher education and the pursuit for knowledge is not limited to the classroom, however.  When not working on academics, he likes to stay in shape by training, playing sports, and dancing all types of Latin dance.  Daven is a boxer on the UW Boxing Club team and president of the UW Salsa Club and loves to share both of these worlds with anybody that is interested.  A possible side project he may one day pursue is opening a gym/dance studio where others can experience the joy he has found through the combination of training and dance;  but, his main focus and passion will always be studying astronomy.