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Izaiha Linton



Izaiha Linton is entering his junior year at the UW and is majoring in English with a minor in Diversity. Studying literature is one aspect of his studies that he enjoys; however, the relationship between race, identity, and intrapersonal interactions is an area of research that Izaiha feels personal connection to. For this reason, Izaiha plans to do research surround mixed-race identities and how representation influences identity formation. Through his research, he hopes to help other mixed-race people better understand the world around them and feel represented in scholarship that often excludes the experiences and realities of mixed-race communities. Additionally, Izaiha looks forward to the opportunity to share the knowledge he gains from his research.

Currently, Izaiha is a member of the Honors program at the UW and has volunteered time to help recruit more UW students of underrepresented demographics into the program. Izaiha has also participated in programs around the UW that connect current students and working professionals in the Seattle area. In his spare time, Izaiha enjoys reading and playing basketball.