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Kavic Kumar

Physics / Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering


Kavic is a double major in Physics and Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, aspiring to continue his education in Physics at a graduate school. His love for both of these fields comes from an interest in the unknown and wanting to advance STEM into the realm of the unknown through physics and astronautical engineering. While Kavic enjoys both fields, he hopes to pursue research in physics through the McNair program with a particular interest in astronomical gravitation, black hole accretion disks, entropy, and plasma studies. Kavic hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in theoretical gravitation, and his goal is to one day work for NASA. He believes that having both a physics and engineering background will broaden his perspective while allowing him to study the two fields he enjoys. Along the way, Kavic hopes to give back to the communities that helped him to become who he is and reach his goals in any way possible, including volunteering.