Upcoming Events
* Inpatient services are covered.
1 Parking Reimbursement Due
1 ABIM Certification Exam Late Registration Deadline
1 R1s switch
2 Clinical Competence Committee
6 R2s & R3s switch
13 NRMP Residency Supplemental Match Begins
15 NRMP Supplemental Rank List Opens
17 NRMP Residency Match Day
19-22 AAIM Week (Baltimore, MD)
28 R1s Switch
30-1 ACP National Meeting (San Diego)
* Inpatient services are covered.
1 Parking Reimbursement Due
3 R2s & R3s switch
5 Chief Resident Selection (2018-19)
6 Clinical Competence Committee
13 General Housestaff Meeting
19-22 SGIM National Meeting (Washington, DC)
20 Medicine Residency Advisory Committee Meeting
26 R1s Switch
* Inpatient services are covered.
1 R2s & R3s switch
4 Clinical Competence Committee
4 R2 Prof Dev: Finding a Job (HUB)*
9 Annual Program Review (HUB 250)
12 WA ACP Scientific Scholarship Day (SCC)
18 Medicine Residency Advisory Committee
24 R1s Switch
25 Program Director Retreat (SCC)
29 Memorial Day (UW Holiday)
29 R2s & R3s switch

Coffee with Chris

Chris Vanderwarker, MD MBA, gives advice on long-term financial planning for medical residents in this informative new podcast series. In Episode 4: Potpourri, he answers questions about financial counselors, loan repayment, retirement, and mortgages.