Medical Genetics Pathway

The University of Washington Medical Genetics Pathway in Internal Medicine is designed for residents who are considering a career in adult medical genetics. Medical genetics is the specialty of medicine that seeks to translate genetic discoveries to clinical care. The rapid pace of discovery in human genetics, and the ability to perform whole genome and whole exome assays offer rich opportunities for research for physician-scientists. Residents will have the opportunity for mentoring, and to choose among clinical rotations and research opportunities in the Division of Medical Genetics in the Department of Medicine during their internal medicine residency. At the completion of the residency, residents will be eligible to enter the UW Medical Genetics training program. This is an accredited two year program for full-time medical genetics training leading to eligibility for board certification in clinical genetics by the American Board of Medical Genetics, with an optional but strongly encouraged third year for research fellowship.

  • Medical students must apply to participate in this pathway when applying to the University of Washington Internal Medicine Residency. All applicants will meet with members of the Division of Medical Genetics during the interview day.
  • Residents accepted into the program will choose a mentor from the Division of Medical Genetics (DoMG) in addition to another mentor in the Department of Medicine.
  • Residents will have several months of elective time in the R2 and R3 year, at least one month should be spent in Medical Genetics.
  • Residents will have the opportunity to attend DoMG clinical conference, journal club, the Division Seminar, and the annual Motulsky lecture if they do not conflict with the resident's responsibilities to their assigned rotation.

Residents will meet with the Medical Genetics Pathway Director, Dr. Fuki M. Hisama twice a year, beginning in the R1 year to discuss opportunities in the Division of Medical Genetics. Please address questions regarding the pathway to Dr. Hisama at

If interested, please apply via the Medical Genetics Track in ERAS when you apply to our program. Applicants may apply to and rank more than one track, thus please feel free to apply to our Categorical Track as well as the Medical Genetics Track.