Aaron Shur Receives Medical Staff TLC Award

Medical Staff Teamwork Leadership Caring Award: January, 2009

Resident awarded: Aaron Shur, MD
Presentation: 2/12/09 at Department of Medicine Grand Rounds

The UWMC Provider Recognition Committee commends and congratulates Aaron Shur, MD, for being selected as a recipient of the January Medical Staff TLC Award.

Dr. Shur was nominated by a colleague who stated:
“I have worked with Aaron mostly at night, when he is on call (and I'm sure very tired), yet his easygoing demeanor and the way he is quick to solve problems himself rather than leave them for someone else stands out.

I remember a time when a patient was upset and verbally threatening towards a nurse. Just before we were about to call a show of force, Aaron stepped in and asked what the problem was. He connected with the patient immediately and the patient quickly calmed. We were all relieved that the situation was de-escalated. Afterwards, we realized that the patient wasn't even being covered by Aaron's team- he had just heard shouting and came to see if he could help.

I remember another time when Aaron took the initiative to get a patient a snack himself, rather than just pass along to other staff that it was needed. Small things like this go a long way toward making the unit seem like more of a team.

Lastly, I remember Aaron talking about how important everyone working in this unit was; for instance he spoke about thanking the housekeepers for what they did to kill germs. Aaron is a doctor who not only has an excellent bedside manner with patients, but he truly has made those who work with him feel like part of an important, interdependent team.”