Tristan Osborn Receives Robert S. Evans Award, 2009

Tristan R. Osborn, internal medicine R2, was recognized for his compassion and clinical acumen with the Robert S. Evans Award for 2009. The Robert S. Evans Award is presented annually to the R2 in medicine who most clearly reflects the qualities of warmth, understanding, and concern for human welfare exemplified by Dr. Robert Evans, Chief of Medicine at the Seattle VA for many years.

A third year medical student wrote of Dr. Osborn, "He was patient, thorough, and made sure to take time out each day to talk with the medical students. He kept the whole team organized, moving, and interested. He was friendly, calm, and in control. His fund of knowledge was deep and broad, and he was able to share it with considerable grace. He handled difficult patients adroitly. He inspired confidence from the whole team."

The award was presented at Grand Rounds, Thursday June 4th.