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Medicine Resident Excellence in Teaching Awards for 2014-15

Left to right: William Bremner, Ken Steinberg, Jon Keller, Carolyn Sy, Joshua Lacsina, David Rosenthal, Mike Morcos, Logan Vincent, Doug Paauw.
Not pictured: Ted Braun, Sarah Chung, Tom Newman, Jill Silverstrini

Medicine Resident and Intern Excellence in Teaching Awards for 2014-15 were announced at Grand Rounds yesterday. The following were honored in recognition of outstanding commitment to teaching and mentoring medical students:


Ted Braun
Sarah Chung
Tom Newman


Mike Morcos
David Rosenthal
Logan Vincent


Jon Keller
Joshua Lacsina
Jill Silvestrini
Carolyn Sy

Emily Waner Receives 2015 Robert S. Evans Award

The 2015 Evans Awards went to resident Emily Waner and student Peter Bulger. The Robert S. Evans Awards are presented to the second-year medicine resident and the graduating student who most clearly reflect the qualities of warmth, understanding, and concern for human welfare exemplified by Dr. Evans, who was chief of medicine at the Seattle VA for many years.

Residency Program Director Ken Steinberg read comments about Emily Waner: “She is a very strong advocate for her patients and takes the lead in communicating with patients and their families…. She is a fantastic doctor and a wonderful person, an exceptionally caring and compassionate individual. She is the kind of doctor I want for my family.”

Alisa Becker Awarded Best Oral Clinical Vignette at 2015 SGIM Northwest Reginal Meeting

Alisa Becker was awarded the Best Oral Clinical Vignette for her presentation, "A Case of Adult Shiga Toxin-Induced Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome in a Patient Declining Blood Products: Therapeutic Challenges." at the SGIM Northwest regional meeting held in Portland on February 6th,

Thirty-one residents from our program attended, many of whom presented posters or vignettes, including four of the eight total oral presentations given:

Naomi Avery
Mitra Brahimi
Jessie Bay
Alisa Becker
Marissa Black
Jehan Budak
Julie Cella
Annie Chen
Kerry Colby
Lindsay Collins
Althea Cunningham
Caroline Davis
Colin Godwin
Leah Gordon
Scott Hagan
Serena Lam
Juan Lessing
Ximena Levander
Leah Marcotte
Shalina Mirza
Andrew Moon
Michael Morcos
Nazlee Navabi
Vidang Nguyen
Jamie Rosenthal
Jill Silvestrini
Trevor Steinbach
Lindee Tull
Meghaan Walsh
Chenwei Wu
Shoshana Zha


Jenell Stewart was invited to give an alumni panel oral presentation and present a poster of her global health research at the 2014 Fogarty Global Health Fellows Orientation Conference at the NIH. Her first-authored poster was entitled: "Prevalence of Human Papillomavirus Infection Among Male clients of Female Sex Workers in Callao, Peru: Venue-Based Sample Collection".

Medicine Resident Excellence in Teaching Awards for 2013-14

Left to right: Elise Willis, Dan Doan, Jehan Budak, Meghaan Walsh, Jamie Rosenthal, Jesse Salk, Tiffany Chen, Stephanie Deeds. Not pictured: Victor Chow, Andrew Harris.

The Medicine Resident Excellence in Teaching Awards for 2013-14 were announced at Grand Rounds yesterday. The following were honored in recognition of outstanding commitment to teaching and mentoring medical students:


Victor Chow
Stephanie Deeds
Andrew Harris
Jamie Rosenthal


Jehan Budak
Jesse Salk
Meghaan Walsh


Tiffany Chen
Dan Doan
Elise Willis

Rachel Safyan and Stacy Valkenaar Inducted into Gold Humanism Honor Society

Congratulations to residents Rachel Safyan and Stacy Valkenaar, who were inducted on May 9 as new members of the Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS). The GHHS honors those who demonstrate excellence in clinical care, leadership, compassion and dedication to service.


Josh Lascina (R2) was awarded an early career grant for $18,768 from the Thrasher Research Fund. The grant will support Josh's research in western Kenya to characterize derangements in immune signaling and vaccine responses in children infected with parasitic helminths, one of the most prevalent of the neglected tropical diseases. Josh thanks Dr. Judd Walson (ID/GH) for his fantastic mentorship and guidance in making this possible, and for welcoming him to his research team in Kenya. (January 2014)

2014 Northwest SGIM Meeting Awards

  • Best Clinical Innovation Poster - Tiffany Chen

    "Development and implementation of online case-based teaching modules to optimize teaching of subinterns on resident uncovered hospitalist services" - with Susan Merel and Som Mookherjee as faculty co-authors and mentors.

  • Best Oral Presentation (Clinical Vignette) - Mitra Barahimi

    "Too much of 'A' good thing" - with Lauren Beste and Jeremiah Alexander as faculty co-authors and mentors.

Congratulations to the two award winners, to all of the presenters, and to everyone who made the time to come to the conference! And many thanks to the faculty who co-authored and mentored the residents on their work.