HMC Aftercare Clinic

1 West Clinic (with Ortho Trauma Clinic)
Jared Klein
Who to contact for planned absences (vacation, conference leave, etc.):
Jared Klein
pager: 680-1375

Who to contact for emergency absences (sick leave, family emergency, etc.):
Jared Klein
pager: 680-1375

Angela Williams
phone: 744-6325

Please inform the clinic of your absence before 7am so that they can contact any patients that are scheduled.

Monday mornings 8:30 am
Friday mornings 8:30 am
Friday afternoons 12:30 pm


The After Care Clinic (ACC), established in 2008, addresses the immediate discharge needs of Harborview’s vulnerable, medically unaffiliated patients and safely bridges their transition to primary care. This directly addresses two less tangible goals: to reduce avoidable hospital recidivism and to minimize the use of emergency services for clinic-level care. Consistent with the “transitions of care” model, we also provide a medical bridge for recently released King County Jail inmates and can function as a temporary primary care clinic for international patients or other travelers visiting for less than 6 months. This is a great experience for future primary care docs, hospitalists, those interested in health policy and underserved patients or anyone wanting to learn more about transitions of care!


HMC Aftercare - Provider Orientation